A controlled environment for testing potential new hires is good practice. 

Here is our go to process for setting up new hires on assessments which avoid having to send out any email invites or setting up temporary internal email accounts.

This process can be followed by any person with 'full-admin' or 'sub-admin' status in the KS System. You would therefore need to make sure that a company representative with this status is available, often at short notice.

Step 1: Click on the 'Take Assessment' button




Step 2: Enter the admin (or sub-admin) username and password and click 'Log in'.




Step 3: Select your required interview assessment from the drop-down list:



Step 4: The candidate then takes over at the next screen and enters their name and personal email address:


This takes them to the test start page, same destination as if they had clicked onthe session url in an invite mail:




They log in and work through the assessment questions, per the normal process.


You can decide on the level of feedback that displays at the end of a test session, via the Settings > Feedback page of your admin portal:


You can add new full or sub-admins yourself, any time, via the Accounts >Administrators page of your dashboard.  Sub-admins cannot access your main admin portal.