KS administrators can upload a list of users into their dashboard and capture additional data against each user record, which can be used for searching and grouping users and test results.

When registering a new user profile on the KnowledgeSmart Admin Dashboard for interviewees it is best practice to use a personal email address i.e. Gmail, Yahoo etc.

The unique identifier for a KnowledgeSmart User is a combination of name and email address. If you register an email address in the KnowledgeSmart system, it will be associated with a specific user name. Unless you edit the user associated with the email address, the system will always display this user against results tied to the email address. If you want to change user values for a particular email, then it is possible to make an edit on the Users page of the KS admin dashboard. Deleting the record and adding it back again achieves nothing. You simply re-enter the old data.

We would advise against using any sort of 'dummy' email addresses for interviewees as this can cause great confusion.

KnowledgeSmart allows you to capture user status and 5 additional data fields for information of your own choosing. For example, employee ID, project team name, office location, job title, industry discipline, etc. Think of information you might like to use, when searching and filtering your user or results data later on. This additional background data can be very useful in filtering through your list of candidates. 

To edit or add to user profile data simply select the magnifying glass icon next to the user as shown below.

If you used a 'dummy' email address all of this valuable data would not be linked to the right person.

If you want decide to hire an interviewee and they are allocated an official work email a new user profile is created in the KnowledgeSmart database, for future testing.

Your list of users can be viewed on the Users > Users page. To remove a user record, check the box next to the user name and hit the Delete button.

Keep in mind that new users will automatically be added to your user list when you send them a test invite. You can also add users individually on the Users > New User page.

Please note that changes made to the data on the Users page will have no impact on your test results data.